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In a market place full of similar vehicle leasing providers Corporate Vehicle Management is unique not only in our product offering but also in the way that we deliver service to our clients. We offer an extensive choice of vehicles ranging from sedans to a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles.
Why lease with Corporate Vehicle Management?
There are many benefits for choosing to lease your vehicle from Corporate Vehicle Management namely, you, the client, only pays for the rent of the vehicle not the ownership of the vehicle.
There is also no risk to you on the re-sale value of the vehicle, and the monthly rental is normally fully tax deductible.
·         Fully maintained operating lease
Corporate Vehicle Management offers its clients a fully maintained operating lease, this lease is not dissimilar to a long term rental, whereby a vehicle is rented for a specific term and kilometre limit at a pre determined fixed monthly rental. Under this lease arrangement Corporate Vehicle Management has the rights of ownership to the vehicle, not the client, so the vehicle is therefore returned to Corporate Vehicle Management at the conclusion of the lease.
·         Tailored Quotes and Leases  
Due to the specific nature of vehicle type, finance term, kilometre usage, and vehicle value it is difficult to provide specific quotations for a lease, this is why Corporate Vehicle Management offers tailored quotes for its clients that specifically suite each client’s needs and requirements. Our lease terms can range from 1 to 4 years to cater for the varying needs of our clients.
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